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A Knowledgable War - ATP

From Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's book, Good Omens:
"It has been a good day so far. There was something about the sight of a beautiful woman on a powerful motorbike with a sword stuck on the back that had a powerful effect on a certain type of man. So far four traveling salesmen had tried to race her, and bits of Ford Sierra now decorated the crash barriers and bridge supports along forty miles of motorway."
quoth the character Red' Zuigiber, aka War.

This helmet is one of three colors available from Eclectica at A Tattered Page Library.

A super fun bonus is this full screen hud (cropped here as my screen is really wide) to look out through. I love this! And I am guessing it will be very handy in a film sometime!

A different full-sized photo is here. 

My book is one of many offerings in this theme from Fallen Gods Inc.;  the Good Omens, Bibliophyle Delight contains both books and framed imaginary "pages" (original) from the book. There is also a gray-scale skin for both women and men.

Pose by: LAP (nla)


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