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Much of life is built on memories.

I spent the late night hours going through photo op landmarks. Since many were in the five year old range, they dropped out of keeper status rapidly. A few amazingly were still in their same spots; of those, many had not changed over the years. It was -- going back in time.

I moved again yesterday. I will be busy with other projects for awhile and will not be around much to partake in the Point's playlife. It only seemed fair to give my lovely home to someone who would have more time for residence status.

My new place, like my old, is quite posh. It sits low on the water with a long distance view of almost endless seas and with access to a large waterway. My house has a swimming pool (my first) and a boat dock out front. My {what next} motor boat is awaiting a jaunt in the near future. I don't believe I have lived on the Corsican mainland before, mostly I have been in the southern continent. There will be much to explore in my brief off hours.

I saw a huge Linden land mass not far from my new abode and flew over. It was the Linden Memorial Park built in the Spring of 2009. There is little there but trees and pathways and a few memorial areas. The waterfalls are still quite impressive. The strategic use of Windlight can make even older sites quite beautiful.

I lost an old friend in the real world last week. She had just celebrated her 95th birthday and was always full of life -- the one so many people looked up to as a model of how to grow old with adventure rather than simply "gracefully". She managed to do both and will be missed by many. Safe travels Irene.

20.FIVE Mesh - Sofia Romper with five color hud
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