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A Tattered Page - Guys

Who knew that the Apocalypse would bring with it designs for the guys?
One of the underlying themes of Good Omens is nurture versus nature. Does our genetic makeup or our environment tell the tale of who we become?  I can remember debating this in high school; my personal conclusion was that it is a mix of the two. Our ancestral histories are with us surely, but the people who surround us -- and who we surround ourselves with -- have a huge sway in molding our outlook and temperament. 

In my second post for A Tattered Page: Good Omens, I bring you a simply smashing suit from Armory, ***Armony Gara02~diplomacy~ .

Pants and top are separate and there is a hud that let's you change jacket, pants, tie, shirt and MORE. What a great set!

It is really great to see so many items of a unisex and male nature in the mix this round. If your fellow needs some updating, get him over to the library pronto!

Max never looked so smashing. If he weren't ME I would be wrangling for a date.

Pose by: Diesel Works


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