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Wayward Thoughts


Last week was a whirlwind and this one looks to be the same. A few minutes of reflection in my new home, I am sharing with you.

The votes are in -- well no one was voting but me of course.  This is my favorite new hair. A bit longer than I normally wear, I am definitely seduced by the hair color which is very close to the typist's and which is also that way purposefully **wink**.   Find Jill (along with Jack) if you missed the mention in a previous post at Exile , part of a big 10th anniversary Hair Fair gift.

This intricate necklace is from MEVA for Tres Chic which opens TODAY.  Earrings apear to sway teasingly as I move, flitting in and out of the long hair. Very sexy. 

The Fusion set is also available in gold.

Click to enlarge the close up photo.

raw shot

In a rare tooting my own horn moment, I wanted to show off one of the glasses I made this month. I have been learning cycles rendering in Blender which is definitely like "leveling up" in a computer game. Lots of studying and experimentation and I have a stellar set of glasses with and without liquid. My favorite is the scotch on the rocks glass.

The beauty of cycles rendering is that even if you aren't viewing the world with a stellar graphics card, items look just as good (95% to 100% in my tests). So that is a huge improvement in the overall experience. I heartily recommend putting in the time to learn this skill.

Available on the marketplace  and viewable inworld (link in the marketplace listing).

Jumpsuit by Hucci (not new)
Most furnishings in the photo are by Tromple Loeil.

Pose by: the chair


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