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Summer means Hair Fair!  (Opens in about an hour as I post this.)

I have featured this event each year since I started blogging. In the beginning I fought the crowds; now I am happily part of a group with early access. Either way, it is something not to be missed.

This year the shops are hidden inside giant shopping bags. Hair Fair is always a lag fest so any measure used to keep that slowness at bay is a good thing. You know the drill. Dress minimally; leave scripts at home.

There are some great new styles for all tastes. I recommend waiting a week for the crowds to die down, but if you must venture out into the fray -- well, be patient.

As I strolled the venue I noted many stores that were at the first Hair Fair I attended alongside of some new kids on the block. There were some rebrandings too, so watch for that.

Most (not all) shops had gifts out. Mostly hair, sometimes hair accessories and even wearables were in evidence.

I will be featuring some of the great free hairstyles as additional posts during this time. Here is the first selection -- in serendipitous order.


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