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This month's theme over at The Challenge is "castaways" and there are lots of great items to be had. I will be showing you more, but if you are in a hurry, just check out the website for all the photos.

KURO, one of the creators of The Challenge returns this month with a super cute Easy breeze seating area (9LI - original mesh) . So cute. AND the animations are great -- and OMG fit me!  I didn't try the couple's poses, but "half" of them look really good *wink*.  

If you have forgotten this is a designer event with item IN THE STORES!   Yes, well -- we don't see a lot of that lately. Hurray for the olden days.

The rocks and plants are not part of the set; they are my photo props. Since I will be -- well, let's call it "locale-less" fairly soon, I set up a staging area below my shop. I have a WHOLE 50 prims or so (well more actually when I take down all the "teleport to demo" signs in a couple of weeks - LOL). Anyway it should be fun. We all make choices and mine is to get back to blogging and pretty pictures. Having some fun along the way works too.

I haven't changed my outfit all that much. It is easy to tell what my favorites of late June are -- earrings by MEVA and sandals buy ArisAris. Just scroll back if you were bad little girls and skipped some days to get all the info.

I DO have a new top which is both classic and sexy. It is from SLX and part of a big set, Mustafa.  I liked the shorts but they didn't fit me too well. Happily there are demos now for SLX releases so check that out. Two colors and three neutrals are in the texture change hud. This fits very nicely and doesn't make you "larger" than you might be :D.

Baiastice_Cigarette Trousers-black
Meva Coins Earring Silver - Cosmopolitan (scroll back)
***ArisAris-B&W - AA99 - Nature Live (scroll back)
MINA Hair - Josje

Poses by: the furniture


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