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Beachy - Wayward Carnival and FLF

Sum - Sum - Summertime!

Out for Fifty Linden Friday some cute cool drink sipping jars at one land impact each.  Find them at Sway's.  These coordinate nicely with the  Wayward Carnival offering from Sway's so check that out also!

Full bar - white - clean version

The Wayward Carnival is open -- with fun beachy items for the most part. From Second Spaces a huge variety of soda bars in various colors.

The Erynn Soda Bar is available in 5 colors. Each set includes a full bar and an empty bar, and each bar comes in shabby and not shabby, 4 bars to a pack.

:CP: Beach Camp Hut - Latte
You won't miss Cheeky Pea's offering for this event. Huts and lodges (larger versions) line the path at the carnival. There are many colors to choose from including some knock your socks of brights. Lots of fun!   This small version is 29 land impact and measures 6 x 7.5.


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