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Moving Into the Future - Mesh Heads

I am typically slow to jump on any bandwagon, but a series of events on Tuesday got me over to LeLutka to try out some demo heads.

I am still in considering mode, but this is my favorite, KARIN.

I originally thought you needed both head and appliers, but much like mesh bodies, the default head comes with tons of options. I honestly was very happy with the basic look although I did try some appliers. Money saving is a plus in my book.

Another "good thing" on the tally sheet is that the Lelutka heads (honestly I tried to find others but both the Marketplace and Google were NOT being all that helpful ) match the skin colors of the Lara body -- easy peasy.

You can have ambient occlusion on with any Windlight setting and no neck seam. 

You can switch skin tones easily and be exotically dark for one photo shoot and goth for the next -- all with the same basic "look".

By toning down the sliders, I got a look that I felt pretty comfortable in.  This doesn't really feel like "me", but I will live with her for a bit and see. It took me at least five mesh bodies before I chose Lara. No regrets there. I may need to wait for another head that is more "Chic" LOL.  Still it was good to see how everything worked. Quite easily really.

For fun I made a composite of my out of the pod self (well close enough),  a look that I have worn for several years now and the new mesh head gal.

PS. After finishing this post I tried the next darker skin tone and a longish favorite hair (not quite as punk which was fitting for the outfit) and felt more at home. The next morning I went back to try the heads I had missed on my first visit. I think I have a winner now. Stella seems very much like "Chic" :D. Yes, she does!


My mesh jacket and tank combo (jacket can be worn separately) is from 20.FIVE  --  ingrid. It comes with color change hud for the tank.

MEVA Asia bangle
Lesha pants by Baiastice

Hair in "fashion shot"  .ploom (older)

Poses by: Diesel Works

new profile pic to link to :D. - had to put it somewhere


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