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Walking on Air

I gave up a few of my favorite ArisAris heels when I switched to Lara. Yes, I know in theory you can "make" Slink work; honestly I am just too lazy. So I am THRILLED that Maitreya is now a choice -- and aren't these lovely!

I really like the ArisAris huds. Again since I am often a lazy gal I usually opt for the ready-made versions. Happily there are both plains and patterns so frequently one of these will work perfectly with my outfit.

Be prepared to adjust your hover height (both SL and FS viewers have this new feature as I understand > right click and hover height) as these are TALL heels - LOL. But happily it is a VERY easy fix now; thank you Linden Lab for making life easier.

***ArisAris/B&W~Gara03~Safely~High Heels
 CARGO // Runway Jeans // Gray
 SLX Outfit: Victoria - Top
 Meva Asia Bangle
MINA Hair - Peggy

Poses by: aDORKable and the chair


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