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Through the Ages - ATP

Imagine living side by side more or less with your opposite. We like to tell ourselves that we know who we are -- but do we really?  When faced with our mirror image over the decades do we notice a blending? A friendship? Do we learn more about ourselves?

That is just one theme in Good Omens, this round's book of choice for A Tattered Page. Good, Evil, Armageddon -- but not all that dire. Were the authors poking fun at our fears?  I can't speak to that, but there are definitely smile along the way.  

My evening attire is a "male" outfit from Anachron. The Formal Fantasy Suit - Crowley is my favorite of three period choices in two versions -- one for each of the characters (the good guy - the bad guy) spanning a historical friendship.   Now I could have used a couple of mouse clicks to go into male mode, but I have been a long friend of androgen; it works for me. 

Hair by DURA and some antique goggles (surely no longer available but thank goodness for older inventory) and I am set!

From the designer, Nix Marabana:
"Azriphale. The Enemy, of course. But an enemy for six thousand years now, which made him sort of a friend.
Crowley reached down and picked up the car phone."
--Terry Prachet
Good Omens, Page 47

One of my favorite parts of the book was the relationship between Azriphale and Crowley. Their interactions were entertaining, and one can't help imagining the trouble they got into over their long history together. So for ATP I decided to make some different-side-of-the-same-coin outfits that they might have worn at different points in history...

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Pose by: Helomiyo


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