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Fisher Point Cottage

Fisher Point Cottage

Unless you have been a very lucky girl or boy, you are still waiting to get into COLLABOR88.  There are some wonderful new releases to jam into your overflowing shopping bag and the Fisher Point Cottage from Trompe Loeil is one of them.

But never fear. I have pho-tos! Click on any to enlarge.

There are plenty of lovely details in this build. If you are someone who enjoys zooming in to take in the textures and intricacies you will not be disappointed.

The smallish house includes a welcoming deck, plenty of windows and a window wall (with sliding door) entry.

A ladder leads to a clever sleeping (lounging - playing - reading) platform.

Various wood finishes gives the building a home made appearance, lovingly put together a bit at a time from recycled parts and pieces.

At a thrifty 56 land impact the cottage can fit on a 512 lot and leave plenty of "prims" to spare for a smart decorator.

The fireplace is truly charming -- again with that home made feel.

Home security, tinted windows, materials and all the extras you would expect makes this a great edition to your house collection!

So stay patient and keep checking that teleport pane. Eventually you WILL get in :D.


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