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Looking Honestly

I am preempting today's fashion and design post. It isn't "Philosophical Monday" -- or perhaps it is. 

Who we are and who we think we are? How wide is that gap?

I know that some women have issues with -- let's call it selfhood. They seldom give themselves enough credit. They look at their faults before they look at their accomplishments.

As you might imagine, I never suspected that I was one of them. Most of the time that is a fair assessment; now and then it is not.

I am not a tiny gal. I passed through "svelte" -- well I never DID pass through svelte although I visited for a few years when I ate 500 calories a day, walked four miles to and from school and yes, played hockey during gym class. Was I happy with myself? For the most part, yes. Would I do that again? Nope.

There is no doubt that Chic has a better figure than her typist, even in the latter's better days. But that lack of poundage hasn't stopped the admirers over the years. There have been quite a few. Some were important, others just smiles.

So why do we oftentimes see ourselves differently than others see us? It is really a mystery. We need to accept that what others see in us is as least as much "the truth" as what we ponder in the darkness on sleepless nights.

My surrogate kid dined with me last eve. We chatted for several hours; movies, philosophy, quantum physics, the possibilities of magick -- lots of topics covered. Along the way he asked me if I remembered any of the folks from high-school. Honestly, only the one that became mayor of the city and who I believe has gone on to more lofty roles. It would be difficult to ignore him.

I mentioned that it would be a zero year class reunion this year. I gave him the actual number, but you can just assume that it is not TEN. His eyes widened and his head shook and awe was etched across his countenance.

That gave me cause to ponder. Do I really see myself as I am?   A current tarot reading for the masses suggested that "we" should look at ourselves honestly in the mirror. I did that just now, smiling at myself.

And you know what I saw?  A pretty good looking gal who appeared to be about ten years younger than her chronological history would state.

Have a try at looking honestly.

Fashion credits in tomorrow's post.


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