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Off the Grid

Off The Grid - Bedroom Office

If you haven't noticed, you can often click on the top photo for a larger view. Just a hint.

With land tripled in size and 1500 EXTRA prims in my balance sheet, I decided it would be good for my state of mind -- not to say FUN -- to have a home again.

While I love my real life spot on a one block street with super tidy neighbors -- in a small town and a quiet state -- I do miss the desert. The emptiness and endless skies are quite magical and the power of the earth is at your fingertips.

And so -- that was my theme.

I started with a 2014 sky surround from Trompe Loeil (Trompe Loeil - Sky Island Skysphere) which blocks out my mainland neighbors easily and mirrors the desert sky before a storm. There are few trees in the desert, so I removed them from the Trompe Loeil Yara Treehouse and built some giant rocks to perch the house upon.

This isn't really a fantasy build; there are places much like this -- Off the Grid.

I love the build. Two small rooms; lots of light. I added the {anc} NO LIMITS.old electric pole[natural]  that I picked up at a yard sale almost free (much dancing that night) and began my decorating.

My environment includes lots of items from  Trompe Loeil, Cheeky Pea and Sway's along with a few of my own things and some fun and quirky decor pieces from other designers.

A new item, currently hanging over the door in my office-bedroom is one of the [Liam] Feather decor items from Sway's gacha at Whimsical. I made my own peg for the hanging apparatus. There are three styles and several color palettes to try for.

And if you are wondering how those lights work out in the middle of nowhere --- well, I am working on an combo power generator; solar and wind *wink*.


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