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Koba in San Clemente

Sways Liam Set

Bright and cheery retro aptly describes the new Koba releases from Sway's.

Before I get too far along with my narrative, you need to know that the sideboard and lamps are out for Fifty Linden Friday.  The chair (both PG and A versions with an extensive pattern change menu) and the magazine table (my personal fav) will be available at Lost and Found on the 22nd.

Back to the story.

My title, "Koba" -- the name of the new set out from Sway's, in "San Clemente" (part of the name of the new abode from Barnesworth Anubis for COLLABOR88) is perhaps a little less than accurate.

The FULL name of the house is "San Clemente Casita". In my book (and translated from Spanish) casita means tiny house.

BA san clemente casita

This home is definitely not LITTLE!  Then again, in San Clemente (a very upscale neighborhood) it might be considered as such *wink*. 

Windows, balconies, railings, opened beam ceilings -- it is filled with unusual spaces for your decorating pleasure.

Zip on over and wander through the demo. COLLABOR88 is often at its most pleasant towards the end of the month.

I bet you knew that!


Sway Dench said…
very pretty, thanks :)

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