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52 Colors - Week 23 Brick Red

It is midnight in Paris and the place is bustling.  And here we are in yet another red outfit, this time "brick".  So far we have had mahogany, jazzberry and just plain red -- and we still have mulberry to go. Oh my! And I didn't count cerise in there!

Differentiating between the reds can be tricky, but Pantone says brick red is a medium dark hue leaning a bit towards orange -- pretty much the color of new bricks.  

Credits are simple this time.  My all on one jumpsuit was a gift from LYBRA at holiday time,  Cookie -- Roses.   Hair - eXxEsS : VANILLA 

Join us on the forum thread or add your photo to the official second life challenge Flickr group.  Or, just watch from your easy chair with popcorn in hand. 

This is the official path to the challenge.

Pose by:  Diesel Works


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