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Closing Time

I was watching a fun and oh so not serious romantic comedy last eve. Part of the plot included the song "Closing Time". It's about a bar at the end of the evening. And I was thinking just now that for some people, SL is like that neighborhood bar where we meet and chat sometimes and share our opinions and woes.  

Things are good here. The new super spiffy computer is preforming beyond expectations. My first big build of the year completed and looks really good (odd how you get better after you retire LOL). 

All in all a good day. A bit too much writing and thinking at the end so I went back to my minimized screen and took this shot. It wasn't an easy one for some reason. Eventually I changed the pose and that helped a lot. 

In the end I was happy. 

Wishing you a great weekend and lots of bargains. If I find some I will of course post here. 

Blueberry, Addams and TUK. Lazy tonight. It IS the weekend.

Pose by: vogue


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