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Housemates - Kierna Ranch

My first thought on seeing the new Kierna Ranch home by Trompe Loeil was that it was perfect for sharing. Two big spaces mirror each other and join in a large and open community type area.  There is a pool of course and plenty of deck space. Windows make up most of the exterior along with some lovely textured taupe woods.  There are  built in flower beds in the pool area as well as lighting.  

Wide stairs lead to each of the side areas which are large enough to feel like a roomy studio apartment -- but with better views.   A large front deck can extend the living space even further as needed.  Oddly this is just barely too big for a 1024 lot but you can resize it fairly easily in order to squeeze it in as needed.  

A new feature that I think many folks will appreciate is the kitchenette which is finished on both sides and can be placed in oh so many ways -- in this house or another house. 

If the thought of all that glass leaves you feeling a bit too exposed -- no problem.  A click on the windows  and they become siding. 

So zip on over and take the tour at FaMESHed


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