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The Dovecote

Who knew I needed one?  Not I!   Until I saw it of course.

I love "niche" and this is perfect in the back yard of my Boho Granny abode. Serenity Style is the maker and you can find it at a bargain price at a newly opened venue, 60 Special Go!.  There are two other specials from the same brand as well as plenty of wearables to peruse. 

Confusion ruled my morning and I mistakenly thought that the new event was a main store shop-around  like so many are these days. Hence I roamed the  outdoor shop looking for the event poster -- and of course the sale.   

Eventually I figure out my error but in the meantime I found this lovely gift at the entrance to the store.  If you like country living you definitely want to pick this up.   

The plant is from the picnic set earlier in the week. 



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