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The Mesa

There is something timeless about the desert. It could be 1930 or 1960 or today. Aside from solar panels and automobiles not that much changes. There is a quietness there -- and a beauty built on desolation.
People live without water and without roads. Life is simple. 

The mesa is the siren's song that brings people to the barren grounds. It whispers in the winds and wraps its velvet chains around hearts that dare to listen. 

Casita del Sol is my first new build in half a year. I wanted to spend some time amid the sandy soil and sage and remember my time in a pretty special place. 

A casita was also the very first mesh house I built -- a decade ago or close to it.  I suspected that I could do better now.  And logically I did. 

The small cottage is 11 x 8.5 meters. The walls are thick as traditional adobe homes tend to be. The windows ae small; also traditional.  Round beams support the roof.  

Available both inworld on the marketplace, you can see the demo here.  


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