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52 Colors - Week 22 Gray

Not too surprisingly Pantone had a huge selection of examples of this week's styling choice -- all very different from each other.  I went for the middle ground and then, just to REALLY cover my bases, used three tones of our neutral palette. 

I give you GRAY:

Now I thought I had a lot of this black and white mixture, but some were definitely "silver" a former week's pick and some could only be defined as charcoal.  So while not a difficult styling I switched back and forth a bit finding a pairing that fit the bit.   

Here are my picks:

neve top - tuck stripe
::C'est la vie !:: Inda Leggings (#2) - Gray

hive // cold brew coffee to go 

The photo was taken at the apothecary shop in Gooseberry Springs

This is the official path to the challenge.

Pose by: SE Motion


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