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Egg Hunting

Easter is behind us but there are still echoes around. Plenty of bunnies and tulips  can be spotted, and yes -- eggs.

Vision is having an egg hunt.  Twelve pink eggs are yours for the finding and each one garners lindens in store credit. You need to be part of the group and the fee is currently $18 lindens.   The eggs are pretty easy to find; nothing shifty and no decoys. The main floor of the Vision store is the spot to look.  Finding all the eggs will get you $500 and  two items from off the wall -- at least that is how things worked out for us.  

Edit: 1:30 PM SLT --- A notecard just came in from Vision saying this is the Last Day but the dates still read until the 11th. So I have NO idea what is going on but if you want to go -- best be fast. 

Edit 4:30 PM Friday --- new group notice says hunt is indeed to the 11th and credit expires on the 16th.  Yes, confusing. 

The hunt lasts a few more days. Best times seem to be very early or very late. The credit DOES expire fairly soon so read all about the event on the poster at the shop. 

Here in my first threesome group shot in a long while (that sick computer thing) are the gang members and their favorites.  

Moi at Left:  {ViSion} // Geena Dress - white (comes with a pretty drop chain necklace so a bonus there.  I also picked up a cute bustier top with some panties. 

Middle:  Lani chose this sweater with shirt top (it is called a dress and comes with panties) which comes with texture change hud for the shirt OR you can wear just the sweater.  She picked out two versions, the other being pink. {ViSion} // Polla Sweater - #18

Moonlight found a dress (many colors to choose from) that fits perfectly and has a crossed string back. Finding a good fit for eBody FREE in this style is VERY difficult so it of course was her first pick. {ViSion} //Shelly Dress Dots - Maitreya (each dress is a two pack with dots and all plain).    

She also found some great fitting jeans (also difficult for eBody FREE) -- (ViSion} -S&F *Jeans Beatrice (many colors and for HER the Slink was the best fit).  And while she didn't pick this there is a body suit that fit her perfectly - {ViSion} // Katrine Bodysuit.  

Always try the demos of course!  

AND ---

While Sami didn't make it to the group photo shoot, she did stop by to show off her choice from the hunt. 

This is the Amara bodysuit that comes both ribbed and "wool". The set includes the very nice necklace.   She paired that with the Amara leather skirt. Striking!

She mentioned too that the hunt has changed a bit and now the eggs rather than being 50 credits each, now have various values. They still total 500 lindens credit.  

Her arrival was timed well as I had just rezzed the Como Pavillion from Barnesworth Anubis. Now most of us don't need a pavilion (wink) BUT ----- this obviously makes an outstanding photo backdrop. It could also be an entry landing spot for your shop or sim.  So many ways to use. 

The very large default size is only 27 land impact. If it is scaled down to a less imposing size as it is in my photo,  it remains in that same  land impact  category.  Different sizes of course would give a different type of atmosphere for both photos and regular use. 

Find the pavilion at the newly opened COLLABOR88. And yes, it is that traditional, old time COLLABOR price :D.   

Poses by: Wetcat and aDORKable


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