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Neo Japan

It has taken a full week, but Neo Japan is now no longer in the constantly filled category. I was wondering if that was ever going to happen.   I have been a fan of this venue since it first appeared.  The ambiance is superb and even though it is smaller than three years ago, there is plenty to see. 

As in the past there is a gift for visitors at the Gabriel booth. One style for gals, one for guys. The female version is sized for Maitreya and Legacy but the jacket is easy fitting and will likely work for other bodies also. 

Be sure and visit! 

Moonlight is wearing a new weekend sale hair from Sintiklia - Hair Paula Rigged[MOD]. Her leggings are part of a big pack that can be found on a weekend sale (use area search as needed) at ::AG:: --"Summer Africa" BoM jeans 5. This is a big pack of texture jeans so fit isn't a problem. Some are made pretty well and others very badly so I can't whole heartily recommend them. There isn't a demo but even if there had been, it wouldn't have helped with the textures that were place on the template incorrectly (sigh). Still, there are a few she can use so not a waste, just a disappointment.  

Poses by: Linden AO and aDORKable


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