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A New Hero

Nope, it's not one of your favorite world savers from graphic novels, not a long-haired hunk from that romance novel stuffed behind a pillow so that no one KNOWS you read those "trashy" stories -- it's a new banner on the forums.

I am not sure how many years that old banner was up on the forums but from the date on one of the first official posts it looks like over four years.  I have been ready for a new hero banner for a long while. 

The new version is much more representative of what we have in Second  Life today -- all, no doubt part of the marketing plans for the future.  

Other official plans include BOM and Bento mesh starter avatars and perhaps more sturdy regions for high traffic events. Three or four more themes are planned for Linden Homes.  As always plans can change, but at the moment they are looking good -- from my point of view anyway.  .


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