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Outpost - The Arcade

My personal favorite release for the June edition of The Arcade is the Outpost gacha from SLAM.   Great LODs and low triangle count plus lovely texturing and lots of detail makes this a standout  product.  The fact that you can view, inspect and test at the main store is a big plus.   The stars are the tents of course (also in tan) but there are beds and chairs and a clever bench as well as other pieces to make your outdoor experience complete.   

SLAM appears to be a roleplay shop with an eye to ADULT items == so be forewarned if that isn't your thing. My link above goes straight to the tent by the way :D.

Trunks, camp chairs and other camping accessories can all be viewed in this lovely setting.   

As an aside -- on Tuesday (Arcade opening day) I went over to play for some summer sandals since they were much cheaper via playing than in the aftermarket (some greedy folks there).  Then I decided to play for this set also.  I had no plans for the goodies, but since I was so impressed I figured I should also be supportive with my lindens.  

I won two matching chairs and the tan tent was the third pull.   Anyway that's the story.   Was fun.  


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