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WIP First Anniversary

It seems like longer than a year that WIP came on the scene.  I loved the original color palette of the venue. That has changed over time -- perhaps to celebrate Spring.  Along with new releases there are gifts at most of the booths (free group) and there is a variety of really nice items to gather.  I will be showing you some of them as the days role by.  

First up, a really tiny but beautifully made and textured skirt from [[2Love]]  -- Belli. RuffleSkirt in many mesh body fits.  The pack includes eBody but that didn't fit Moonlight; the Maitreya one however DID.  So try that out if you are in the eBody FREE camp.  

My back tattoo is the Juna: Ivy tattoo Medium Classic Avatar which of course works on BOM. There are also some supplier huds. 

The simple band jewelry is resizable and comes with a hud for various metal colors.  The texturing seems very realist to me and its great to have something that adds to instead of distracts from the other wearables.  Look at the [ZEX] booth for the Belle Mesh Jewelry set.

Moonlight didn't try on all the garments yet, but this little number fit very well but this .:Bad Rabbit:. Metalli Dress EBODY_Classic fit very well. The actual GIFT is supposed to be this dress in two pastel colors, but BEFORE you use the hud, it is black. So make a copy and write youself a note not to change from black and you will have THREE colors to choose from.  

Her purse is from Hilly Haalan, the [hh] Milena Clutch. It is resizable and comes with or without pose. 

Hair: MINA Hair - Annie  and KUNI - Tone (Classic)

[VOZ] Fitting Room 

Poses by: SEMotion and the purse


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