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Walking Shoes

Two big events are on the horizon --- and I do mean BIG.

Both Shop and Hop and Hair Fair open in about a week.  Both have "history" and both are "big". You will need your walking shoes for sure.

Happily we don't actually have to WALK, but we still have to "look" and "cam" and "shop" and "gather" all which can be fairly exhausting. 


with nineteen (NINETEEN!!!!!) sims to cover at Shop and Hop,  I am tired already and I haven't even landed there yet LOL.   

This is almost twice the amount of any other Shop and Hop event and almost four times bigger than the smaller ones.  Personally?  I don't think this was a good idea.   I can imagine the conversation (completely imaginary) behind the scenes with the new owners. 

Let's give the the BIGGEST Shop and Hop yet!  Huge!!!!   

That sounds good on paper or maybe around the boardroom table, but have any of the folks making the decision BEEN to Shop and Hop in the past?   It typically takes me most of a day (a whole day) to see 8 regions.   This is not penciling out well for me.  With 20 stores per region (sim) that is 380 stores to view, gather and unpack goodness. I am am exhausted just thinking about it.  I also don't imagine it will be good for the shops in the event. Only so much money to go around and so many shoppers. I am guessing that profits will be down per store considerably.   

On the plus side we could say that LOTS of folks got to be a part -- and that is good.  I am just wondering if I actually know 380 creators that I would buy from.  I think my personal list would be more like 100. I am a bit worried that quantity has replaced quality in this round. I would be EXTREMELY HAPPY to be proved wrong! 

So my plan as of now is to look at each of the 380 stores, find my known favorites and hopefully some new folks and pick up the gifts from just those.   I have no plans to spend half a day opening boxes and testing fits and texturing and triangle count etc. etc etc.   So, dear readers -- keep your eyes peeled for someone that wants to show you ALL the items (or of course pick them all up yourself - that works too). 

The Hair Fair sims open the next day -- more or less, I am not sure of the times.  I can't say I have been thrilled with Hair Fair these last few years. Top names are missing. Traditional gifts are sparse and the sim designs -- something I enjoyed immensely for over a decade -- pretty much not in evidence  in favor of "lag free".  The last Hair Fair I actually was engaged by was the one that was a mid century housing development movie studio BACKLOT (how clever).  Some of my other favorites in the past were the GIANT (and I do mean giant) Makeup displays the size of skyscrapers and another movie themed venue featuring beige tents.  I can remember a lot of past Hair Fairs. Fingers crossed that I can say that again this year. 

So get out those comfy shoes, turn on "see friends only" and have a great time at both venues.  I will be reporting of course, but there's nothing like your own impressions. 


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