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Red White Blue Hunt

July is typically one of the slowest months in SL. August is right up there with its predecessor.  So since I don't have a typical "summer project" this year,  I decided to make a mini-hunt at the store. These are mostly recolors of previous mesh uploads.  So mark your calendar for July 1. Hunt posters are scattered around the sim with example hunt item nearby. 

Here is the info:

Free Hunt - No group required - All items at store level - Info poster s at store level. 

Original mesh items are red, white or blue or in many cases a combo of those colors.

Hunt object is a red white and blue painted prim cube.

All items are on the STORE level (not demo pads or ground)

There are 12 items in all.

Crates and Pots (2)
Wall Divider
Pots of wall divider
Paintings (2)
Book Rack with books
Directors Chair
Draped Table
Table Deco Grouping
Footed Pot Duo


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