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Bellisseria - Next Up Fantasy

The next Linden Homes theme was revealed today. Fantasy it is and that will make many people happy.   The houses themselves aren't all that different from the buildings we are accustomed to, certainly not on the insides; but the landscaping is phenomenal.  Some of our best fantasy builders have had a hand in this neighborhood; that is easy to see.   

Be prepared for your framerate to plummet though. My brand new super hefty computer got down to 8 fps at one point when it is most often around 200 on my sim :D.  BUT == SO PRETTY!!!!

Happily I guess, we know that there is always more landscaping on in the demo areas then in the final Belli plots. That is most likely a good thing.    

And while you are looking at the houses, be sure and let your eyes wander to the neighboring music stage where the theme flows effortlessly.

Congratulations to the team. Beautifully done. (And yes the giant turtle head DOES move.)   


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