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Sunny Summer Sun

It's a new round at Cosmopolitan and with it some very nicely made releases. Woot!

From adorsy - rgw Riley Denim Overall mine is "D.Blue" with built in panties, belt and texture change options. Two fatpack choices are available as well as single purchases.  

While this "looks" like it might be a romper, it boasts a SKIRT, not shorts :D.  Plenty of detailing and lovely textures may make this my goto outfit for summer.   A top is also in the release as well as some sandals.  I opted for a simpler look with a favorite, the Stories&Co. Signature Tube Top (this from the pastels hud version).    

New hair and glasses from Cosmo  add some style to the casual look, and a recent ring set from Kunglers complete the look.  Not shown I am wearing the [ADD] Carmen Shoes a recent gift from Cosmo.  

no.match_ ~ NO_PART ~ Pack of BLONDS ***   This release comes with new hair textures and hud but no hair base.  I love the new textures but was missing a coordinating BOM hair base. Happily the new hair hud lets you tint one of the included types.  For me -- the hair picker buttons didn't show up until I tried editing the hud. Then all was fine. So if you have issue that may be a fix. 

Deep  Static :: DS :: Vesper Glasses   These come with two different areas to tint -- one being a textured metal, the other plastic.  They can of course be dark sunglasses.   Very nicely done.    

Poses by: Behavior Body


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