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Welcoming Streets

Backdrops; remember when they were a new thing?  Now they seem like they have always been part of our photography supplies.  Two similar but also very different street scenes are out at COLLABOR 88.  

From Milkmotion we have the Mykonos Street. Blue and white tell the exotic tale of life in Greece.  This is a large set with plenty of photo op spots. There ARE some LOD issues here and there so be sure and walk the demo to see if this is a backdrop for you.   

Minimal offers us the Ostuni Scene. This is particularly clever as it is a "walk in" backdrop which gives you the ability to shoot in either direction.   The sun drenched white and blue of Greece is replaced with warm weathered tones of Italy.  I didn't find any LOD issues here, but these shots are of the very tiny demo, not a full sized model. Still, the fact that the scene looks so good in tiny proportions bodes well for the full-sized backdrop.  

While these are marketed as backdrops, I can definitely see myself using them as a home.  Even though I love to decorate the interiors of houses, I spend almost all my time outdoors. So adding personal touches to these street scenes could make them a living area -- an interesting thought. 


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