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SL18B - Picture Perfect

The opening dust has settled over at SL18B; it is a great time to visit.  And I have to say that this is one of the PRETTIEST celebrations in a long while.  Here is a quick "postcard" tour of places you don't want to miss -- along with a little commentary.

The huge parks are wonderful places to take a minute -- and a breath and just relax. You will be able to find them easily on the map. 

The welcome area is the nicest that I can recall. Sleek and stylish with lovely architectural lines, it fits into a giant cliff face.  Make this your first stop to pick up a notecard with many links and landmarks. 

The Tapestry of Time is a wonderful place to get a sense of SL history -- especially if you are one of the newer citizens  in our virtual world. This year there is also a memorial to Ebbe; very nicely created -- there is indeed a sense of peace.

Here are the deemed worthy highlights of 2021.

While I still miss the vast amounts of great art from a decade ago, this build by Alia Baroque reminds us that there are still folks working hard to recreate their visions.  

This colossal structure can't really fit into a camera frame, so be sure and visit. 

As always there are gift areas (landmarks to both are in the welcome packet).  This New England Aster Planter courtesy of Blaize Landscaping is really lovely, so if you have a home -- get over there and pick it up. 11 land impact.  

Happy Birthday Adventurers! 


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