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Hair Fair 2021


The good news is that it isn't terribly crowded (well not in the middle of the US night anyway) and that my fps was well above 100 all the time I was there. You can walk or cam and you won't get lost AND the little houses are well-made and cute. 

There are some impressive new hairs out for purchase as well as some gifts -- mostly from the old time brands that have been around for a decade or more.  It was good to see some of their names and be reminded of times past. 

On the downside it was a pretty boring shopping experience -- if you count "experience" as part of the reason you shop.  There were some booths that seemed to be as much art as product pictures and I enjoyed seeing them mixed in with more typical vendor photos. 

Hair bases and accessories are featured as well as many windblown styles and ones with built in hats. 

Most brands featured two new releases, but a few had a small variety to choose from. Historically I feature a selection of gifts from the event and this year is no different. Thanks to all the designers who put out presents!



(includes big pack of eye and lip makeup)

Poison Rouge

The Stringer Mausoleum 


LOVE (styler and tinter)

Alli&Ali Designs

Vanity Hair

Poses by: Amacci Neck Pose Hud


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