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What I Bought This Weekend

Choices were vast and sometimes "wild" this weekend. That's the word that kept popping up in my head as I scanned the various sales.  Variety definitely ruled the day and it is likely a something-for-everyone Saturday.  Since my inventory is vast, I was only after super bargains and really well-made items, mostly in the home and decor areas since I have more clothes than I could wear in a year or more for sure. 

I came away with two items I am very thrilled with. Both have excellent design, great LODs and low triangle counts.

From Merak, the  Enchanted Room Divider which comes with and without curtains.  As shown this is 10 li. 

From Kraftwork, the  Kraftstream trailer which comes both decorated and empty (212 to 243 land impact) and includes a hud for each version with texture change options.  Definitely a deal. 

Happy shopping! 


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