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eBody Reborn Reveal

There's a new body in town -- or there will be tomorrow when Equal10 opens.  Now Equal10 is always difficult to get into and I'm not even going to try.  but YOU can try :D!

Almost impossible these days to upset the top bodies but Kupra did a good job from the get go and Legacy appeared almost instantly.   This is looking like a good body to bet on so to speak.

Now some of you will remember that I used to blog for eBody with my alt as the model. It was a good body but that clothing thing kept it back.  

But this time the plans changed and there are apparently 155 creators on the bandwagon including some VERY big names if you come and check at the wall (this is just a section).  So, instead of holding back on the creator kits it seems like most folks were rewarded with the ability to create for the new body. 

I won't be  applying to be a blogger since I no longer deal with BlogOtex, but if you like curves -- and what is more -- REALISTIC curves that don't scream out insecurity issues or teenage boy in the basement vibes -- this may be the body for you. Demos aren't available yet; you need to pick them up at Equal10.   But eventually you will be able to get in I am sure.    

ADDING: A report on the forums said the body was 3500 lindens.


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