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Harvest Season Hunt

What do you do in the middle of the night?  

Well you go hunting for haunting gifts - LOL.

Harshlands is having a simwide (free) group hunt. There will be ten prizes and the hunt runs until November 2nd.

I found one item -- shown above.  I confirmed that you are looking for a prim with a picture of a green pumpkin.   The prize says it is number 4. Does that mean there are three more items out to find?  I don't know but I did look hard :D.   

My best guess is that more prizes will be added throughout the month. The hunt page suggests that anyway.  So if I REMEMBER I will head on over in a couple of days and see if I can find another Halloween themed item (jewelry and accessories are also in the mix).    

So this is me letting YOU know.   

UPDATE:   Apparently I am just a very bad BAD hunter as someone wrote who had found many of them but was missing a few.   So YOU guys go forth and find great things.   

UPDATE 2:   I went back over on Monday, found a fellow hunter and hunted with them. Found all but number 2.  AND there are other (leftover I assume) gifts from the EOS hunt (no clue what that is).  They are very large gold coins and there are some very impressive items in those, so keep an eye out. 

It is a fun sim to explore so that's a bonus. 


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