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Succubus and Stone

It is about time for those costume contests to start.  I have my  favorite outfit and Imma sticking with it.

!dM deviousMind "Succubus" **EPIPHANY OCT2017**  Gachas have been converted into fatpacks and I know this was a popular release.  

I remember that this was Chandra's first adventure into animesh (yes tail and wings are animated) and that I loved this from first sight. 

I was inspired by the new Minimal group gift to tell a story. This new photo prop has the yummiest old stone textures; just perfect.   It will no doubt be the background of many a Halloween photo.   

Now if you don't understand the story, you need to look up the term "succubus". 

[Stargazer Creations] Ursi Tentacle Head Piece
=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Melina"  

Pose by: Nantra


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