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Halloween Shop and Hop 2021- Grayscale

Not everything about Halloween includes bright colors. There are the quiet grays and tans.  

Shop and Hop gifts include:  

Serenity Style- Witchy Stall
Harshlands Peeking Skeleton
[Harshlands] Wood Casket
.peaches. Perfect Pumpkins - S&H Halloween 2021

My dress isn't "exactly" a Shop and Hop gift, but I came by it via the event.  Over at the Tachinni booth you can pick up a very cute (and VERY short) creamy orange dress. It, however did not work with the grays and browns of this post.  But when I was visiting this morning I read that Tachinni was having its third anniversary and a gift credit giveaway at the shop.  I was already a member of the group so it was only a manner if zipping over and clicking on a sign.    

This is the Tachinni - Samantha Dress - #32 and I still have 150 in credit to spend during the next week or so.    You can pick up a notecard about the instore event at the shop and hop. 

In the purchasing arena, this really lovely fall dinnerware set caught my eye.  It is medium triangle count with glorious textures and fine detailing. The KraftWork Fall Dinnerware  also includes two versions of a centerpiece.   Fall dining in style!

I am currently sans dining area, but there is always the future. 

Poses by: Diesel Works


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