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Week One Virtual Tourist

I made it though the first week of stops -- just barely. Now I didn't go to all 180 places; I read the descriptions and judging from that info decided on the best bets for "me".  Your favorite places could certainly be different than mine, mine being most about RRET-TY.  I found some gorgeous places, some that I had visited before and then lost track of. Now they are in my book; so all good there.   

Here is my very short list as I am a VERY picky gal.

Frogmore - already covered in a recent post.

Cravone - a busy grayscale city also previously featured here.

Books and Coffee -- a charming and quiet getaway place when you need some time to rest and restore. Books are prominently  featured of course.   

Portofino Harbor - an upscale European Coastal town with plenty of details.

Village of Ciampi - Beautiful Italian Countryside -- also previously featured here

Overlook - Minimalist winter landscape. Day cycle ^^.  Posh hotel.''

Bali - for your winter escape to tropical climes.  

One Summer - Tropical beach vistas

Where our journey begins - lead photo decorated for Fall; sim was laggy for me. Also featured previously. 

There are a few sims that are laggy, The hud takes a long time to show the picture and feel complete.  


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