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Frogmore VT

Our Virtual Tourist Passports became official today with the unveiling of the first list of places to visit.  Stop number one - and deservedly so - is Frogmore.  

This is a highly detailed, beautifully landscaped village and perfect for photographers.  Those with entry level computers will likely have a difficult time though. This is an LOD4, long draw distance sim and I have everything turned "up" to get this shot.  My framerate is in the low 20s with a very hefty computer.  

From the land tab: 

Explore the hidden treasures of Frogmore 4.0 where echoes of Cornwall and Port Isaac, England blend with a modern world Shire!

Pose by: Di's Opera


Feorie Frimon said…
Frogmore is SO beautiful. Dandy Warhlol (terry.fotherington) is such a talented builder!

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