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Boyztown Haunted Experience

The Boyztown Hauted Experience has been all the buzz of late so I ventured over in the late evening to see what it was all about.  A tiny spoiler here but not much as I really didn't get too far, BUT what I did see was impressive. 

You need to agree to the experience and turn your EEP to shared experience -- and of course you want your sound up high :D.

The set is carefully detailed, the special effects impressive.  My first visit I clicked a button that sent me back out to the entrance.

Confused and knowing that I was supposed to explore the town, I did just that -- only from the wrong starting spot - LOL.  Even so it was a lovely stroll and the sim is definitely worth time taken-- both for its style and realism.   

I did return a bit later, went through the steps again and apparently got to where I was supposed to be.   So no guided tour from me; you need to enjoy your own journey.   

Pose by: aDORKable


Ryan Schultz said…
Thanks, Chic! I always like to explore a well-done Halloween sim :-)

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