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Homey Kitchen - Just Add Clutter

Even minimalists can enjoy a bit of clutter in their lives -- both corporeal and virtual. 

I loved the Second Spaces - The Burrow - kitchen sink and   dish rack  when they came out for the Wizarding Fair. Happily this works very well in my new house on a rock.   A fridge sits on the left and more clutter on the right; I just wanted to show off my new bits of kitchenware to their best advantage. 

On the left, the KrafWork Kitchen Clutter  (Iron) -- a three piece set from this weekends sales.  

On the left the .peaches. Alexa Pies - Cut Pie from last week. 

Rounding out on both sides are items from the four piece set out for Happy Weekend at Nutmeg.   The mulled wine set includes the very pretty lantern, some cups, a single filled cup and the mulled wine tray.  While lovely to look at, it is also fairly heavy mesh.  If you computer is older or simply a lightweight in processing power -- you may want to pass this up. //But lovely.  

Sorry but no links today. SLURL copy and paste is broken for me :(


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