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Miami Vibes

I  have been wearing this Fiona pants and top set for a few days now. It is beautifully made with great detailing. What is even better?  It is a group gift out at Cosmopolitan.  Honestly I can't remember when I have seen such a nicely made set out as a gift there.  The detailing is notable.    Legacy and Maitreya brand fits.  This lovely present hales from [ADD] store - Clothing & Shoes -- apparently a new store.  

Don't miss out. Free group :D. 

Hair:  *barberyumyum*S15(03) 

My backdrop is one of the very "Miami" style house going in over at Bermuda Triangle.  I won't be moving yet again; I am happy with my house on a rock for now.  I tried to track down the shop for these buildings but the breadcrumbs were eaten by wandering birds before I found any answers :D.

Pose by: aDORKable


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