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Anti-Valentine Hunt

The Anti-Valentine hunt started today. A short hunt with both fantasy and mainstream stores, there are plenty of goodies to find.  Be sure and travel via the webpage list

There are a few stores with decoys (oh so many decoys) but most creators placed their "crossed out heart graphic" hunt item in logical hunt locations and most are near the landing area.  The graveyard mentioned in the list is at the Stringer Mausoleum (number 2 in the list). Several prizes are there and are easy to find. One at this time is set at $10 by mistake so watch for that.  

Here are a few of the items I found:

Rubedo - salty - REG 04 (part of a makeup pack)
{13th.Hour} .  Hammered Hoops Earrings 
>!< BKB >!<   Romance - Unrigged - S.E. Darkness (hair - also in aqua)
BMe Witch Shroom Woods Top (there is a skirt also and a fantasy sculpture)
BMe Wich Shroom Woods NeckBand 

Poses by: oOo


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