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Metaverse Fashion Show

I made it to the very first runway show -- albeit at a cam sim which had no voice or text commentary.  The venue is modern and minimalist and well thought out.  I personally hated the FLAMES however LOL.   

While the audience rezzed slowly, the models were mostly fully clothed when they appeared. Long time well known tricks came into play I am sure but that was an excellent move. Only one outfit turned into a jellydoll as it surpassed my 67K complexity setting.   

Some items from the video didn't present themselves quite so well on the runway and there are some "walking" issues which we pretty much expect.    

It appears that the design for the dress with the turquoise shoes (so don't like those with the outfit) has a skirt that comes off.  But even though I followed the model into the next viewing sim I didn't see the skirt disappear.  Again, I had no outfit commentary to go by. 

This is definitely a fun event to attend and is reminiscent of the fashion shows at the height of Second Life's popularity --- only mesh now of course.  I highly recommend venturing over.  Keep in mind that my computer is a hefty one and your experience may vary.  


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