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Weekend Bonanza

Twas an exceptionally good sales shopping weekend for me.  Bargains mix with gifts  and I have a new look in my garden view abode.  Here were my picks from the OH so many choices.


It is a bit confusing just what is in the pack at KAZZA this week, so here's the skinny.   The COUCH comes WITH both A and PG versions as well as side tables, lamps and long skinny table behind the couch -- suitable for nick-nacks, plants etc if you have a wall behind your couch and prims to spare :D.

The RUG comes with the pillows and coffee table. Animations are in the mix. Now the rug is kinda heavy in the triangle department -- I knew it would be without even checking. But it is so cool and so different I am using it anyway. So, just be prepared; now you know.   If you aren't in the market for any of these items the coffee table is Buy for $0 and is bound to come in handy.  This is a lovely set.   There are some cast shadow issues which I am not thrilled with so be sure and consider those and look carefully if you are not a fan of shadows than conflict with those inworld.  

The plants (three purchases in all) are really lovely and my inventory definitely needed those. My ROIRO ones get used a LOT and some newness is overdo.  The Aloes have three choices of pot colors by menu.  

The books and photo frame duo are both group gifts. Find them on the table with the plants for sale. 

I also picked up some very nice orange flowers and grasses (a pack) at FUNDATI as well as some very useful BOM tights at FRIDAY -- and another great backdrop from PALETO


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