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Feline in Stone

Being a cat person I absolutely LOVE this new gift from GS Geddins  the Swot Cat.  Hand painted with plenty of style, it can be art or a prop for your role play area.  

Now there is a "But" attached to this creative work; it is 10 land impact.  

Ohhhhhh "Heavy Mesh!" you say?  Nope.   Here is the skinny and a reminder that you can have 1 land impact heavy mesh and "primmy" game asset mesh.  Confusing I know.

I of course was interested in WHY this was 10 Li.  Not the triangle count for sure UNTIL you look at the lowest LOD number.   144.  14 would have been a better number or maybe even 7.  My best guess is that this was an accident on upload.  It would have been easy to fix by uploading again with a much lower LOD setting in the furthest LOD (30 meters away).  

But happily those of us that can afford 10 li get a lovely gift.  


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