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Oh So Sneaky Peek

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It depresses me when I don't have things to share with you. 

A really lovely EXPO post is coming your way Saturday. But ---- it isn't Saturday. And while I am not an official blogger for the event, I don't "think" it asked to keep things secret.  And, since this is ONLY my shop and the donation item is shown on the Expo website,, I don't suspect anyone will care.  

I hadn't planned to be a part this year other than as an artist. But opportunities presented themselves and so I am. I have a small shop in one of the four malls. I remapped, retextured and greatly improved an older build.  I dug out some of my old favorites and a few items from the Advent calendar for folks that missed out. Some shoppers wrote to me in December -- a time after I took down a lot of furniture and décor items -- wondering where they could BUY things LOL.   So much for neatness and burn-out.  

In the process I found some items I had forgotten about.  And I have to admit it was fun to set up a store. 

So that's the story behind today's post.  I will say that I think this year's  event has more impressive creations than I have seen in the last few years. I am happy to help support that creativity.   

Watch for the REAL post on Saturday.  


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