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Bountiful Fall

It isn't Autumn in my neck of the woods, but it is in the Southern climes.  It matters not as my title isn't about the weather, but about Apple Fall who has always given out very nice gifts to the public, both newly made and hand me downs.  No group needed. 

If you haven't visited the main store in awhile, you might want to put that on your agenda. There are some new (or at least new to me) items of a stellar nature. Both big builds and smaller items from older versions of the AF store are mixed in with other items -- some that you may have missed or "lost" along the way.

Up top a lovely reflection pool with portico pavilion.  Other boxes include a variety of parts of past store builds (some basic building skills may be needed depending on your intended use.  

These builds in a variety of styles could be used as photo backdrops, commercial stores or homes.

There is also a box with storage and display pieces. Lovely textures, these come in light and dark woods depending on the piece and can be easily downsized for home use.  



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