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Farmers Market

 Another handful of events appeared on the scene this week. Most -- for me -- were pretty much the same ol - same ol.  One however stood out, the Farmers Market, an instore event which appears to mix both sale and regularly priced new releases -- in theme.   

There were plenty of creations that I liked and many priced at bargain rates ($80 lindens seemed to be a popular price but I couldn't find an event page so I am wandering in the dark and guessing here.  

I picked the MADRAS Gramma Veg Tray to show you.  Low triangle count and lovely textures are the stars -- along with the sale price.   Perfect for Fall and that's where some of you are experiencing in that corporeal world out there. 

You can find a listing gallery on Seraphim. 

Mini kitchen, bistro table and COOK towel rack all by ChiC building. 


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