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POISON ROUGE - Shop and Hop

While there were many "new to me" brands at Shop and Hop, it was no contest which one got my attention.   Pretty much what I look for nowadays -  niche, outside the box, not the norm == all combined in some lovely vendor photos.  Even better there was a $500 gift card as a present.  Poison Rouge. 

I grabbed it of course and went over quickly to garner some demos. The store is really lovely with classy details and and a neat layout.  Accessories mix with clothing in styles crossing genres. There were plenty of garments to choose from.  Not too surprisingly I fell in love with the steampunk outfit which includes everything you see here except my hat.  All the items I demoed fit well and looked great, so it was a taste preference that was the deciding factor.  This was likely one of the most expensive pieces in the shop and I happily paid the 99 extra lindens in order to call it mine.

Enlarge the photo to peek at the lovely detailing. Oh those ruffles. 

Here are a few of the items discounted at the Shop and Hop.

Poses by: aDORKable


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